The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin on the programming station is a realistic copy of the machine on the shop floor. This allows you to use the same kinematics, parameters, and functions of your machine on the shop floor while you are designing and programming in the office. And you have the assurance that programs created with CAM systems or the programming station will run seamlessly on the machine.

A brief demonstration of the advantages in practice

Realistic simulation for reliable production processes

With the Digital Twin, the virtual machining on the programming station in the office takes place just like on the real machine on the shop floor. This reduces setup and testing times, while at the same time increasing process reliability and productivity, because even before real machining begins, a programming station with a Digital Twin can:

  • Check and optimize tool paths
  • Prevent program interruptions
  • Avoid collisions
  • Make full use of the work envelope
  • Test complex 5-axis movements
  • Check and optimize the clamping position

Become productive quickly and reliably

The Digital Twin not only assists you by creating a verified NC program. It even already helps you when preparing offers, planning your machining jobs, and training your TNC experts.

  • Predetermine exact machining times
  • Calculate costs and deadlines
  • Realistic practicing with NC programs in a safe environment

The easy steps to a Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is an offer from the HEIDENHAIN Service department. The NC programming support team is your contact partner.

  • Gathering of your exact demands, estimation of the effort, and offer preparation
  • Adaptation of the programming station
  • Creation and delivery of a backup file of the adapted programming station
  • Support while reading the backup file into your programming station
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