Software and Services for the Digital Shop Floor

Gain a 360° view of your shop floor. The Digital Shop Floor from HEIDENHAIN covers your entire process chain, from the preparation of quotations to final shipment, with software solutions for the machine environment, advisory services, online services, and much more.

The Digital Shop Floor

A webinar with background information and details about solutions and services


Everywhere and at all times, the JobTerminal software gives you complete informational awareness about pending, currently running, and completed jobs:

  • Optimally allot jobs to your machines
  • Add new jobs directly at themachine
  • Have your machines report back on job data

You benefit from fast, clear, and centralized operating data collection while creating an extensive data pool for the detailed analysis of your jobs.

HEIDENHAIN MaintenanceManager

Instead of inconvenient maintenance plans, simply harness a digital duplicate of your machine’s maintenance manual. MaintenanceManager reduces your workload thanks to its varied capabilities:

  • Rapidly ascertain the maintenance status of each machine
  • Plan optimized maintenance intervals based on real-life machine data, such as spindle run times
  • Plan maintenance times inharmony with the machine’s utilization plan

Pinpointed, as-needed maintenance saves costs by reducing maintenance expenses and ensuring uninterrupted production processes.


Do you want to know how productively your machines are running? The StateMonitor software module allows you to collect, analyze, and visualize machine data:

  • Real-time view of your machines production statuses
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with HEIDENHAIN controls
  • Connectivity with any other control via OPC UA, MTConnect, Modbus TCP, Siemens, or Fanuc

The StateMonitor user interface delivers a rapid overview of your machines’ current production statuses, thus giving you constant insight into machine availability and utilization.

Detailed analyses

When it comes to uncovering potential and increasing productivity, informative analyses about the machine park are essential. StateMonitor can analyze the following types of data: 

  • Machine statuses
  • Characteristic values
  • Program run times
  • Machine messages
  • Job times
  • Machine-specific signals

As a result, you can perform a detailed analysis of your data, even down to the proportions of feed-rate and rapid-traverse movements.


With StateMonitor, you don’t have to be standing next to the machine to ensure that it’s being productive. Simply leverage the Messenger function to send real-time notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet:

  • Individually tailored to your processes
  • Triggered by events of your choosing
  • Delivered to clearly defined recipients

This gives you rapid response capability during unattended shifts. After all, fewer interruptions mean greater productivity.

Any questions? Chat with our experts. Or schedule a personal appointment! 

Videos about our software for the Digital Shop Floor

Nafo user video

Transparent manufacturing with StateMonitor

Endutec user video

Automated manufacturing with StateMonitor

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