CNC PILOT 640 live

There are new functions for the CNC PILOT 640 lathe control from HEIDENHAIN. 3-axis simultaneous turning makes it possible to rough and finish complex geometries thanks to the simultaneous updating of the tool angle. The parallel simulation shows invisible machining steps synchronously to the current operation and in real time on the control’s screen.

Simultaneous turning

Produce very complex geometries in a highly efficient turning process

Concurrent simulation

Keep an eye on machining synchronously and in real time on the control’s screen

Simultaneous turning: roughing and finishing complex contours in a single run

Machines with a tiltable third axis can now take advantage of the 3-axis simultaneous turning feature of the CNC PILOT 640 lathe control. It permits highly efficient turning processes thanks to the simultaneous updating of the tool angle during the machining operation.

  • Produce complex geometries in one working step while taking interfering contours into account
  • Use simultaneous turning for both roughing and finishing operations
  • Simply program the cycle over the respective UNIT directly on the machine
  • Save valuable time during the entire process
  • Use the advantages of tools for High Dynamic Turning (HDT)

Concurrent simulation: make the invisible visible

If your view of the workpiece is blocked by cooling lubricant, or during internal turning, the concurrent simulation of the CNC PILOT 640 gives you an exact view of every machining step on the control's screen. That way you always know exactly what's going on in the working space.

  • Machining is shown synchronously and in real time
  • High-resolution display of the simulation
  • Finely detailed cutting-path graphics
  • Realistic display of threads and tool holders

the perfect lathe control for the shop floor

Its innovative programming options make the CNC PILOT 640 the perfect lathe control for the shop floor. Its particular strengths are its accurate contouring path control and intelligent user support for program creation:

  • The interactive contour programming function enables graphical programming of the turned part
  • TURN PLUS automatically generates a complete NC program at the stroke of key
  • Convenient programming in smart. Turn with clearly defined UNITs permits the NC program to be modified at any time
  • The intuitive touchscreen displays context-sensitive dialogs, graphics, and 2-D or 3-D simulations

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