Innovations to Dynamic Efficiency and Dynamic Precision: OCM and MVC

“More chips in less time” and “Precise machining in less time” are the goals of Dynamic Efficiency and Dynamic Precision for HEIDENHAIN controls. Both packages are receiving updates for even greater performance: a cutting data calculator and deburring function for Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) and the damping of low-frequency vibrations through Machine Vibration Control (MVC).

Discover OCM Discover MVC

OCM: use the best possible tool paths

OCM: intelligently deburr the programmed contour

OCM: always mill with optimal cutting values

MVC: effectively dampen low-frequency vibrations

MVC: mill surfaces without visible shadows

OCM in action

Experience OCM live at the machine

NC Trainer Michael Wiendl demonstrates the function’s usage and programming.

How OCM works

This technology video will teach you everything about the milling strategy and its effectiveness.

Calculate cutting data and deburr intelligently

Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) represents the next generation in trochoidal milling. The new cutting data calculator and deburring function make programing and machining even easier:

MVC in action

The MVC and CTC video

Functions for the time-efficient production of precise parts

Dampen low-frequency machine vibrations

 During highly dynamic machining operations, visible shadows or waviness can appear on the workpiece surface. These imperfections are usually caused by low-frequency machine vibrations. Machine Vibration Control (MVC) lets you dampen the low-frequency vibrations of your machine so effectively that you can produce the desired surface quality at high jerk rates, meaning at higher accelerations and thus shorter machining times.

The two combined approaches of MVC:

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Are you already familiar with the other functions of our Dynamic packages, such as Adaptive Feed Control (AFC), Active Chatter Control (ACC), or LAC, MAC, and PAC for the adaptation of control parameters?

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The trade show flyer

An overview of all Dynamic Efficiency functions and the OCM innovations

Technical Information

Basics and details regarding all Dynamic Efficiency functions

The video

How to create more chips in less time with Dynamic Efficiency

More information about Dynamic Precision

The trade show flyer

An overview of all Dynamic Precision functions and the new MVC function

Technical Information

Basics and details about all Dynamic Precision functions

The video

How to save time with the load-based adaptation of control parameters

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