New Touch Probes and Camera Systems

Benefit from in-process tool and workpiece inspection. The new HEIDENHAIN TS 750 touch probe for in-situ workpiece inspection was developed specifically with grinding machines in mind. Meanwhile, the new VT 121 camera system for in-situ tool inspection determines whether the inserted tool is in proper order for perfect machining results.

TS 750 video VT 121 demonstration

TS 750: surface and machining progress inspection

The TS 750 is a high-accuracy workpiece touch probe for grinding machines. Its low radial probing force of approx. 0.2 N enables exceptionally consistent 360° probing accuracy. Thanks to this low probing force, the probing procedure has no adverse effect on the measurement.

  • Extremely low footprint with a diameter of just 25 mm
  • Excellent probing reproducibility of 2σ ≤ 0.25 µm
  • High probing speed of up to 1 m/min
  • Long-lasting pressure sensors for millions of probing cycles
  • Effective protection of sensors and electronics from swarf and cooling lubricant
  • Rapid inspections with short downtime
  • Standard M3 thread for a variety of styli
  • Extensive mounting options
Product information TS 750

VT 121: Tool inspection like the human eye

The VT 121 camera system, combined with the VTC software, enables the automated and time-saving in-process inspection of tools inside the machine. Using TNC 640 cycles, for example, you can monitor and document a tool’s condition and level of wear for each tooth from different perspectives even during unattended shifts.

  • Prevent costly damage to the tool, workpiece, and machine.
  • Gain greater assurance for critical machining operations.
  • Optimize your cutting parameters and NC programs.
  • Minimize tool wear.
  • Conveniently operate the VT 121 on the TNC 640 touchscreen. 
Product information VT 121

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