Operate the TNC 640 Intuitively 

Manufacture with process reliability, even with lot size 1. This is very quick, simple, and intuitive with the TNC 640. The combination of the classic control screen, the Extended Workspace Compact view to one side, and multitouch operation makes it possible!

The video with product manager Martin Ditz

View NC programs and production jobs at the same time

The TNC 640 with 24-inch widescreen offers you two workspaces next to each other: The classic control screen with all information about the current operations, and Extended Workspace Compact. You benefit from the particularly user-friendly workstation that enables you to digitally organize your production jobs right on the control: 

  • In this side screen, view any data stored on the network
  • Use data from CAD programs or spreadsheets from a Windows PC in the office
  • Very easily copy data from Extended Workspace Compact to the NC program on the control’s screen
  • Use StateMonitor to keep an eye on multiple machines
TNC 640 flyer

Let your fingertips be your guide

The touchscreen of the TNC 640 combines the typical advantages of field-proven HEIDENHAIN controls with intuitive operation based on gestures already well known from smartphones and tablet computers. You profit from easier workflows, shorter times, and increased production efficiency thanks to:

  • Context-sensitive user interface
  • Intelligent user support for all working steps
  • Simple operation
  • Absolute reliability in operation
The TNC 640 on the Klartext portal

Mill, turn, and grind on a single control

With the TNC 640 you can mill, turn, and grind on your machining center. The TNC 640 is also a master of horizontal machining. It doesn't get more versatile than this! Complete machining on the same machine offers many benefits, particularly for quality-focused industries:

  • Uniform operating concept for milling, turning, and grinding
  • Simple, program-controlled switching between the operating modes
  • Graphic support
  • Meaningful simulations
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