TNC 640 Live: OCM and Jig Grinding

More chips and greater machining possibilities: these are the key benefits of the new Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) and jig grinding functions for the TNC. Witness their ease-of-use, practical benefits, and efficient machining processes in our real-life demonstration videos.

Optimized Contour Milling

Jig grinding

OCM: always mill with the optimal cutting data

Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) gives you nearly unlimited trochoidal milling possibilities. All you need to do is define the contour. The control then automatically calculates the best trochoidal strategy. You can utilize highly efficient trochoidal milling processes for a much wider range of workpieces, letting you mill with greater productivity and reduced tool wear.

  • Enjoy the shop-friendly programming of any pocket or island on the control.
  • Simply upload the optimal machining parameters from the new cutting data calculator.
  • For perfect edges, perform a deburring operation along the programmed contour.
The OCM flyer

Grinding: achieve perfect finishes in a single setup

The new jig grinding functions let you machine parts with up to maximum surface quality in a single setup. Easy-to-use TNC 640 standard cycles dress your grinding tools inside the machine tool.

  • Jig grinding for any contour on a milling machine, including 5-axis simultaneous grinding on trunnion-style machines
  • Optimized tool management for each process: grinding and dressing
  • Enhanced possibilities for face grinding and for edge grinding with cup wheels
  • Less time and effort spent on rechucking
  • Consistent accuracy thanks to a single setup
The grinding flyer

Milling, turning, and grinding with the TNC 640

The TNC 640 lets you perform milling, turning, and grinding operations on your machining center. Horizontal machining is also part of its repertoire. It doesn't get more versatile than this! Full-process machining on the same machine offers many benefits, particularly in quality-intensive industries:

  • Uniform operating design for milling, turning, and grinding
  • Convenient program-controlled selection of operating modes
  • Graphical support
  • Dependable simulations
Full-process machining with the TNC 640

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