Optimal Linear Measurement for High-Accuracy Workpieces

The LC series sealed linear encoders are the industry standard for position measurement on machine-tool linear axes. The latest generation features optimized optics, ensuring clear imaging even under contamination and condensation. This simplifies sealing air needs, thus raising the convenience and lowering the cost of Closed Loop position measurement.

The benefits of the new LC generation

Product Manager Thilo Schlicksbier showcases the new LC 116 and LC 416 linear encoders, particularly the benefits of their optimized optics under liquid contamination and condensation.

  • Eliminated need for extra sealing air filter
  • Reduced sealing air requirements
  • Reduced installation costs
  • In short: lower system cost
Product Information

Reduced system cost and higher machine availability

The new LC generation lets the machine manufacturer significantly reduce the complexity of the sealing air supply. Thanks to fewer parts and air lines, as well as easier installation, costs are saved. A more streamlined system also benefits the machine operator, providing greater process reliability and requiring considerably less maintenance.  

Closed Loop control boosts workpiece accuracy

The thermal expansion and contraction of machine components can cause dramatic errors if left uncorrected. These thermally induced changes in the feed mechanism are invisible to a machine’s conventional open control loops. Closed Loop position control with high-accuracy linear and angle encoders is therefore always advisable for linear and rotary axes. This holds true for the entire spectrum of small-part to serial production.

Single-part production

In complex single-part production, accuracy must be ensured starting with the first part, especially in 5-axis machining.

Small to medium lot sizes

Manufacture with consistent accuracy despite frequently changing machining programs and the resulting thermal fluctuations.

Serial production

Ensure consistently high quality and operational accuracy in serial production with linked machining centers.

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