Virtual Show – 8 Real Highlights.

Digital Shop Floor: a 360° view of your operation

Digital Twin: become productive quickly and reliably

HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution: simply automate

New for OCM: cutting data calculator and deburring

The new LCs: better optics, reduced system costs

ERM 6000 Dplus: sensitively monitor the milling process

Compact inverters: space-saving and cost-efficient

Digitalize Processes. Manufacture Reliably and Efficiently. 

Discover new solutions for your shop floor and the optimization of corporate-wide processes. Or find out about increasing process reliability and productivity of your machines. From software solutions for the Digital Shop Floor to user-friendly control functions to intelligent drive designs and encoders with added value: the virtual trade show from HEIDENHAIN offers you many innovative possibilities.

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Key topics for users

Digitalization and Automation

Are you looking for process reliability and a 360° view of your machines? Here are our solutions:

Software for the
Digital Shop Floor
Digital Twin: bring the shop floor to the office HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution

Better Machining

Do you want to produce even faster and more accurately? Then these are the right innovations:

Innovations to Dynamic Efficiency and Dynamic Precision Touch probes and camera systems for in-process monitoring

Expert Know-How

Would you like to gain greater expertise? Then draw on first-hand knowledge:

TNC Club The meeting point for expert know-how TNC 640 Discover new functions CNC PILOT 640 Discover new functions

Key topics for machine manufacturers

Digital. Virtual. Near to the Customer.

So much is new at HEIDENHAIN. Come discover innovative solutions and products at our convenient virtual trade show. The new functions and options for HEIDENHAIN controls make machining even more accurate, dynamic, and efficient. They also open up exciting possibilities on the shop floor, such as milling, turning, and grinding on the same machine. For machine manufacturers, completely new solutions are available for optimizing accuracy and process reliability while increasing machine performance.

Along with its digital offerings, the HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show also provides opportunities for personal interaction:

- Live-chats with our experts for the duration of the trade show
- Webex conferences with our product managers and your contact partners from the Sales department

Let yourself be surprised! Make the virtual trade show experience real:

The highlights of the HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show for digitalization and automation